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Coincidences and New Job Update April 26, 2008 |

Aren't the little coincidences in life odd? These are things I used to readily dismiss but lately I've been feeling the need to over analyze things.

Case 1: I live literally 3blocks form the hotel I stayed at when I was 5 and my dad had an interview because he wanted to move to Minnesota. He didnt get the job...this was his only interview out of state....ever.

Case 2: I get rejected from ALL CLS internships in college (a 1/2 chance) just 2 months later I was accepted into the summer Lab science program a 7 spots over 300 applicants.

Case 3: I love Seattle and I do maintain that if my life ever totally falls to shit and I no longer have anyone here to care about or cares about me I will pack up my dogs and move. My first day at my new job my boss has flowers on my desk and buys me a cup of Seattle's best at our down the hall coffee kiosk.

The job: More than I ever imagined. My boss is absolutely wonderful. A hidden tough cookie but a total "for the people" type. Believes in helping people succeed and not dwelling on the major corporate conundrums that are out of our control. And on my first two mini-projects I even got email kudos says "that's it, you've done it now...we absolutely have to keep you" Not bad for a first week.

I'm handling the sick patients with sad family's thing okay. I need to get over my staring problem but Ive been pretty good about it. A very sad case even came up and even though I wasn't there when it happened I heard the story through the grapevine and it really didn't bother me. I was shocked...we will is this detachment remains when I'm closer to the cause.

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Shrinking Scrubs April 17, 2008 |

Wednesday was my very first day at my new job. I am pretty stoked to be sporting supervisor in my title (even if there is an assistant in front of it). Im also excited that my super cool pay raise did not come with a maxed out macy's card for endless prim and proper suits. Nope this job came with a major bonus...SCRUBS! Hum what should I wear today...scrubs, tommorow scrubs, next week scrubs scrubs scrubs. I love that I dont have to make decisions before my morning caffine.

Anyways that was a tangent. About 3weeks ago I bought some scrubs tried them on even when to the pets store in them...just to see the perfomance value. Loved em, washed them hung em up. So what the hell happened on my first day of work when I pulled on my new daily outfit? My pants were slightly snug and GASP about 4inches too short. Literally. They floated above the top of my shoes and the lowish rise now turned into LOW RISE, bending over was not good.

Well I didnt have a whole lot of choice in the matter so I went to my first day on the job introduced to a bizzilion new people I dont know the name of and oofta all while wearing floods.

Have no fear I did have two other pairs of scrubs (different) brand that didnt shrink so Ill just have to be doing a bit more laundry than I normally perfer until I get more.

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MGMT Electric Feel April 13, 2008 |

Okay so the video isnt very good. But the current has made me absolutely addicted to this song. P.S. if you live in the minneapolis/st.paul area and don't listen to the current you should.

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Breathe Me April 10, 2008 |

I have loved the song for so long and haven't known how to locate it. Its been several shows I think I saw it on the L-word first, but it made a reemergence again. I was watching American Idol gives back (hate me if you must) and there was a malaria short that had it in the background. Thanks to my blessed DVR I was able to rewind and find it but randomly putting in lyrics I could understand to find it....I love the internet. Anyways I thought you might enjoy it and I included the lyrics because shes a bit hard to understand. Anyways it is a bit depressing but way good.

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

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Slacker but only a little April 09, 2008 |

I wish this picture did a better job of actually capturing the discustingness that has become my skin. That odd red pattern you see is actually started as tiny little hives that have all come together to make me look like a mutant. It started yesterday afternoon and today I woke up to find the rash spread all the way up my arms, I had a giant welt that covered SOLID my entire stomach, Another that went down the mid line of my back, a patch just above my butt crack, scatter splotches on my outter thighs and big welts on both my knees.

I realize this is the last week at my old job and I felt okay besides the insane itching....but would you go to work like this? I didnt think so. My doctor was booked (shocker) so I saw someone else who basically said well if nothing changed who knows what caused it...take five billion anti-histamines your going to be miserable for awhile. If it doesn't start to improve in a few days call us back. Actually I think Ill be fine. It seems to have stopped spreading and after taking my two different kinds of antihistamine the itching has pretty much gone away and the rash itself doesn't look as red and raised as it did this morning. All I have to say is this better be a one time thing.

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Red Conversation April 05, 2008 |

Red: are u going on vacation
Me: yeah
Red: where to
Med: mexico...cabo
Red: by yourself?
Me: 5-day cruise
Me: nope me and someone esle
Red: who
Me: me and dana
Red: wow
Me: we are going to the zoo and spend a couple days in sandiego too
Red: thats gonna cost a pretty penny
Me: not to bad for hotel air and cruise it was 897
Red: does dana have a good job?
Me: not bad, pharmacy tech
Red: u paying for the both of u?
Me: hell no, thats what tax refunds are for

This is where I want to strangle him. I think he was under the impression I was swimming in money. I will tell you this $897 dollar vacation is the ABSOLUTE biggest vacation I have ever been on that does not include parents or thier supportive financing. And why would I pay for someone else to go? If I was married and our financaes were combinded then I maybe would contribute more but I am by no means a sugar momma.

Red: oh when did you decide about this vacation
Me: we just booked a couple weeks ago i had to make sure it was all okay with my new job
Red: that could've been us


Me: mmm I dunno
Red: why not

Oh God...redirect, redirect

Me: but thats all in the past you seem to have a new girlfriend to entertain you
Red: ehh i dont know yet
Me: i saw your picture the caption was so gushy i almost puked
Red: shes very immature
Red: i only put that on to piss off cassie which was stupid
Me: talk about maturity
Red: she stays here all the time
Me: at your place
Red: yeah
Me: does she have bad roomates?
Red: huh? no
Red: i let her move in
Red: i was tired of being alone
Ava: huh? Are you kidding me
Red: no
Me: how long have you been together?
Red: i was desperate for company and needed to get cassie off my brain which hasnt worked one bit
Red: about a month and a half
Me: your completely useing this girl and kinda lying to her or at least misrepresenting how you feel or your intentions or something
Red: i have been honest with her 100%
Red: and shes' sticking with me
Me: youve said im still in love with my ex I want you to move in because im lonely?
Red: pretty much
Me: there is so much wrong with that I dont even know where to begin

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Reader Request April 03, 2008 |

Some examples of my new camera fun

This one is the Color Accent mode. You start out selecting (basically taking a picture) of just the color you want. In this case I chose Yellow. Then when you half hold down the button you get a preview of how you picture will look. Theoretically this is all good but the problem is the in order to get all the yellow with shadows in any given object the filter is a bit too generous. So although it does a decent job you have to do a little photoshoping to get it perfect. For this one in Picasa I had to use the B&W around a radius function (which is not very effective on its own because you basically just get a circle of color) but it is exact enough so I could filter out my Yellowy/green pear candle to the right of my flowers. A combo of the two and your golden (I do so love picasa).

This is the color swap mode....today our model will be Rosa. You select two colors this time. I chose white and then pink. Take the picture and viola. Cant figure out a photoshop fix for that garbage bag I'm just going to take it as a lesson that my trash should migrate farther than the back door.

Now here is one of those I'm trying to look artistic for my facebook/myspace profile pics. Don't JUDGE ME! So basically this is a way of using a color swap as a color wash. I first chose my skin color and then my eye color. The result is a monochromatic scene with pink lips. If I was planning ahead the picture would have been better with lipstick because them my lips wouldn't be so close to my skin color and they would have stood out more. Other bonuses of the color swap it seems to have a skin smoothing and dark circles affect. All I can say is this is the only pic I have on the Internet where I am not wearing any makeup AND I did not photoshop in anyway so this camera already is a winner with me.

And yes I know this is a picture of me and at first when I transferred all my old blogs onto here I wanted it to be anonymous which worked for all of 2weeks. So Im giving up on that now. Although I'm still keeping the pen name Ava Mazur because I don't need my dad googling my real name and finding out about my vibrator collection.


Camera reviews and Best Buy April 02, 2008 |

This saturday I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot T70.

It sucked don't buy it. I am a very logical thinker and do not have trouble with computer systems, setting clocks or general electronics. I couldnt get this think flash when I wanted to and out of the 140 pictures I took only 3 were clear. I even rested it on top of a book shelf to take a picture and it said it was unstable. Unless its earthquake season in Minnesota. For 279.99 before tax I expected a little more point and shoot to my point an shoot camera.

Also one of my main reasons for purchasing a new camera is that I wanted the feature where I could swap colors in my camera or take pictures in black and white with only one color remaining. I SPECIFICALLY asked for this feature and and my little ditzy sales lady said uh yes and it can...lalalal. Okay well no it can not do that as I sadly found out after reading the manual and cutting through my if this seal is broken you will have a 15% restocking fee.So I had had it after 3days together I was ready to call it quits and face the best buy return isle. One glass of wine for courage and I was on my way. I as plesantly as I could explained to the teenager behind the desk that I am not mad at them but I am very upset and Im sorry if I yell. I did not yell, and as long as I was willing to exchange the camera I did not have to pay the restocking fee.

Then I was escorted off to my camera section were a very nice gentelman helped me choose the camera that did the feature I wanted AND actually walked me through all the features best yet it used the same type of memory card as my old camera. So when all ways said and done I got a $80 refund to my credit card and a camera I actually wanted.

This was my one and ONLY positive customer service experience at best buy.

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Sampson |

Love this song

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