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Slacker but only a little

I wish this picture did a better job of actually capturing the discustingness that has become my skin. That odd red pattern you see is actually started as tiny little hives that have all come together to make me look like a mutant. It started yesterday afternoon and today I woke up to find the rash spread all the way up my arms, I had a giant welt that covered SOLID my entire stomach, Another that went down the mid line of my back, a patch just above my butt crack, scatter splotches on my outter thighs and big welts on both my knees.

I realize this is the last week at my old job and I felt okay besides the insane itching....but would you go to work like this? I didnt think so. My doctor was booked (shocker) so I saw someone else who basically said well if nothing changed who knows what caused it...take five billion anti-histamines your going to be miserable for awhile. If it doesn't start to improve in a few days call us back. Actually I think Ill be fine. It seems to have stopped spreading and after taking my two different kinds of antihistamine the itching has pretty much gone away and the rash itself doesn't look as red and raised as it did this morning. All I have to say is this better be a one time thing.

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