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Another day in the mundane life o ava October 29, 2007 |

I had the day off since I worked the weekend. I slept in until noon it was magical. Then I had to go into work because I apparently left an entire page of my final blank. Way to go Me. Then I cleaned out the fridge. Did 5 case studies and rewatched some movies. I rented three all were wonderful check em out.

The Ultimate Gift
Its a tear jerker of the favorite kind. The asshole turns good, lessons are learned people die and love is found. Who can resist. Grade: A

Evan Almighty
I didnt exactly have high hopes for this movie. I rented it because I figured I would need something stupid to watch after the tear jerker and that way I could get some homework done while watching it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it hilarious. The storyline was decent. God was humorous. Ending had a mini twist. Grade: B-

Oh who can resist the thrill of a young woman repressed in sports and having to overcome oppression in order totally kick ass in soccer. Challenging the views of not only her father and the school but that of the whole world....okay maybe I got a little carried away. But I do love to see people overcome...lord knows im not going to do it. Grade: B+

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Boomerang October 23, 2007 |

Red: i just wanted to say hi, and i miss u...sorry i havent been easy to reach lately, i kinda just needed to focus on me i guess.

Ava: yeah i guess

Red: somethings happened that i cant talk about yet, but i will eventually

Red: i'm sorry

Ava: well you could have told me you were dissapearing

Red: i didnt tell anyone

Ava: that doesnt make it ok with me

Red: everyone has been trying to reach me and i just dont have anything to say

Red: u hate me?

Ava: no but I am by no means happy with you

Red: i dont blame u

Ava: what you did was inconsiderate, selfish and disrespectful

Ava: i would not treat you that way and I certainly do not expect to be treated that way

Red: i know hun, u didnt deserve it, i'm just messed up i guess

Ava: Well I want to take a step back you have to much going on I rather be friends...I can support you better that way

Red: seriously?

Ava: when and if you get things together we can talk about more

Red: wow

Ava: completly ignoring me for a week is not a relationship

Red: ok, if thats what u want

( At this point I re-added him to my list)

Red: u deleted me?

Ava: yes

Red: when

Ava: yesterday, i figuredi tried to contact you about 5 times and you didnt want to talk to me so you were done, i wasnt going to keep putting myself out there to be rejected

Red: well i'm sorry

Ava: I want to know what went on that could make you behave so poorly

The conversation continued into a story that is basically none of your buisness. The moral it was tempting to change my mind. Red needs me. His life isnt great right now, hes down, he needs someone to cuddle him and take care of him. I know I feed on that. I love to feel indispensible. But that is not a relationship. That is parent child. I made that mistake before Im not going to make it again. So single I stay. I can be a friend to Red but thats all. Too bad the sex was good.

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Proverbs October 21, 2007 |

If you live in a brick house and throw a stone and it doesnt make your roof fall in dont give me stome to throw at my glass celling.

The following conversation took place while discussing my downess post-red breakup

Ava: I dunno its not bugging me that much but whenver something like this happens I get all paranoid Im going to die alone. It lasts for a few days...

Well Intentioned Friend: Really? I dont think you will have that problem. You are thinking into it too much

Ava: Yeah I never throught it would be either until I was in my situation

Well intentioned Friend: And your situation is a good job, a house, nice car and friends.

Yeah okay hes nice and making me feel better. Which actually would be effective if it were from Alice or Cobie. He is the problem well intentioned friend is very much not single. In fact as long as Ive known him (about 7yrs) I have never known him to be single. In fact just the opposite women are always falling all over him.

So in my opinion Mr.Well intentioned needs to shut his trap and let me mope.

On the upside I had a super conversation with the 'rents. They are happy I dont sounds as crazy stressed as I have the last couple weeks. I told them I was thinking about joining eharmony...okay yeah i know i joined like 3mos ago. I basically said it seemed desperate. They were extremely supportive. Encouraging. I think they fear for their future grandchildren.

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Im going to bake some bread in my vagina |

This guy has been bugging me forever. Actually upon reflection I did have dinner with him at one point a long long time ago before he turned into a total ass. So Ava why don’t you just ignore him? Well as a duty to my 2 loyal readers I just cant pass up this kind of content.


Ava: hi annoying internet friend

Tiger: cum over so i wont anoy u anymore

Ava:: ahh yes i would want nothing more to come over and fuck your brains out but I have to wash my hair

Tiger: nice

Tiger: wat if i cum over and run my tongue in u

Ava: you wouldnt want to do that my vagina bites

Ava: it has teeth, fangs even

Tiger: ill just bite it back

Ava: oh that would just make it mad then the tentacles would come out and strangle you

Tiger: mmm

Tiger: sounds fun

Ava: well then it starts spitting and it doesnt spit fun things

Ava: think rancid cottage cheese

Note to self: Biting strangling vaginas don’t deter icky men. But a good old fashion yeast infection would do the job.

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Out of the Red October 20, 2007 |

Sigh why is it that boys have this magical way of making you feel like crap even if you are the one to end the relationship.

Here is the problem I put up with too much shit. At the beginning of the relationship Red used to text me about a bizzilion times a day to the point where it would drive me crazy. Then he calmed down to a nice normal level. The past two weeks hes been sketchy. Hes always busy, has to much stuff going on etc. I talked to him during my break at work because I was having a bad day he said he would call that night....did he...no. Basically after me texting and call him he texted me back on thursday saying he was up north and had bad reception, that was the last I heard from him.

Friday morning I woke up at half passed pissed and called him left him a message. I really wish I could have a recording of what I said. Basically I said I dont think you have time for this relationship and if you arent willing to make it a priority you cant expect me too. So call me back, and if you cant call me back today dont even bother. I guess he didnt bother.

I suppose I expected him to call me back with some lame excuse. I guess I expected him to be sorry for being distracted. What I got instead is proof that basically I am nothing to him. Bummer.

Am I some kind of weird freak that I care about most people I meet. Yeah Red and I probably werent a match made in heaven. It probably wouldnt have worked out (well obviously) but how can people be so callous? I really hate this. I feel used up and tossed out with the trash.

The real pisser about this whole situation is I didnt want to get involved with anyone in the first place. I had a busy semester at school, busy at work and quite frankly didnt want to have to deal with a guy. Red pushed his way in. Convinced me forwards backwards and sideways to date him then all of a sudden looses interest? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Now Im back to my sorry state of why doesnt anyone love me...which is pathetic. Lots of people love me. My parents love me, my dogs love me, Alice and Cobie love me.

I really hate dating. Im way to sensitive to deal with rejection (hell I cant even deal with rejection when Im the one rejecting) Of course lets be honest here I was the one dumped. Guys have a way of behaving as poorly as possible so they dont have to do the dumping. So instead of my focusing on my misfortune lets look at all the reasons Red wouldnt have worked out.

The Top 10 Reasons to break up
1-He had a very loud very orange car that he thought was "pimp" it had neon lights too...oh and it was a saturn.
2-He eluded to the fact that he beat a guy up for coming onto him once...yeah not cool.
3-I was suspicious he did a lot of lying to me, and I caught him in more than one white lie.
4-He was always ALWAYS broke.
5-I dont think he cared about oral hygiene as much as I do
6-He was not particularly funny
7-He was a phone/computer addict
8-He said the word technology weird
9-He wouldnt let Rosa sleep in the bedroom because she snores
10-He said on more than one occasion "Why are you with me" (I hate that)

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Broke October 12, 2007 |

Belmont went in for his second surgery today. I opened my credit card which had his last surgery on it and half of last semester's tuition fees...ick. So what did I do its friday night...I went out to dinner and hit the target grand opening. I needed some new body wash after a year to finish off my last bottle of body wash I dont take this decision very lightly. Here is what I came home with.

Belmont's Romp to Recovery October 07, 2007 |

Here is Belly looking confident in his manly stride down at the park

Belmont kicks it into high gear. Watch out for those jowels they just might poke your eye out!

Both photos taken by the not-quite boyfriend Red who can not be properly credited for his photography since he is incongnito for my blog.

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Sniffles October 04, 2007 |

I have a cold. I didnt go to work on tuesday...suffered through wednesday but skipped bowling...today I woke up at 5am coughing up things that a bad colors when it comes to body fluids (and I use the term fluid loosly here). Red all of a sudden has decided not to annoyingly call me all the time which is probably the direct result of me having plenty of time to talk. I have a temperature which according to my mother validates sickness and staying home. I called into work without leaving bed and I have not left bed all day except to go to the bathroom and make soup. While laying in bed I listened to two lectures, took a nap, took a quiz, did a case study on synovial fluid infected with varacelia zoster and played two games of monopoly. I won both.

In dating news Red is comming to visit this weekend allthough I think Im goign to talk him out of it since I am covered in infection. Things are going well its been about a month of dating pretty much a record for me. I just wish he liked to sit at home and watch tv more.

Othernews there is a eharmony guy that wants to meet. He's a florist for a living...interesting profession. Lives within a 30minutes distance major bonus. I kinda put him off. Is it wrong to date other people while dating someone? We arent boyfriend/girlfriend but I guess Im just old fashioned.

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