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Brother May 03, 2009 |

Guy number two gave me a call this morning and left a message where he left his name and described himself as co-workers brother. Crap. I doubt I would have agreed to go on the date had I known that, but at the same time I was a bit flattered are people tend to be pretty protective of their family members.

We had dinner at hu-hot and conversation was good then headed over to see the soloist. Movies are kinda good for dates, you dont really have to talk and you are close enough so you can smell the guy.

I don't like the way most guys smell. I have a bit of a sensitive nose but to me 90% of the male population smells like a combination of mild BO and old spice. Its not good. Brother didn't smell. This is a bonus.

So after the movie we are chatting and walk out our cars and chat some more....which is all well and good but I hate talking in a parking lot so we go to a restaurant and have a couple drinks and talk for another couple hours.

The goodbyes were awkward (they always are) lots of fumbling and saying you had a good time. No hug or anything . This may have been my fault because I had veered in my walking towards my car. So all in all no fireworks but I had fun. Definitely worth a second date.

P.S. Guy no. 1 is such a tool. I email his saying maybe sunday 2 days ago...he finally emails me today saying no that will work but i will only have about a 1/2 and left his phone number. Screw that. I emailed him back saying since you didnt get back to me I figured you couldnt make it. He has made no effort, so why should I.


Overbooked May 01, 2009 |

I kinda have two dates booked for Saturday. Before you imagine me excusing myself to the bathroom during dinner and dashing across town to meet the other guy I have instead just decided to cancel one.

Guy 1: Sure he got in first but I'm pretty sure this date is going to be a bust. We were going the email exchange where I ask interesting funny questions...his answers were okay but nothing exceptional. The only thing that leapt of the page at me what his lack of interest in me. Instead of asking me questions he just said answer yours leaving it up to me to carry the conversation. If he can't even do a 50/50 mix in email he would stand a chance to my babble in real life. The only question he asked me was if I would be intimidated by all his female friends. Yeah that has nothign to do with getting to know me as a person. But then again who am I to turn down a coffee invite when I have nothing better to do. So I basically sent him an email saying saturday wont work maybe we should just try another time...(internet talk for "lets be friends")

Guy 2: I don't know his name, I don't know what he looks likes, I know he is a nurse and over 6ft tall. A girl at work wants to set me up.

Guy no.2 wins, I know so little about him there isn't anything to dislike. Besides the there is a human I know that is matchmaking rather than the computer which goes a long way with me.