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Letters January 24, 2008 |

I don't like rejection. I got letters for both my cordinator positions. I double checked the listing and I am qualified, I would think I could at least get an interview for that...but no. Im pretty bummed it woudl have been awsome. And maybe Im just being a paranoid schitzophrenic but i think there was a little internal sabatoging going on. Coincidentally theses were the two jobs that the lab knew I was applying for. But Im going to go ahead and realize that I only met the MINIMUN requirments and my coverletter and resume were more crafted towards an assitant position.

Speaking of which...my first choice for an assistant supervisor position is looking good. Its sitting on the hiring managers desk. Also its not within my division so interaction with my current lab is limited. Also the assitant from another part of my lab knows the supervisor and is friends with the managment staff, and she said she would call and put a good word in for me. So I'm just going to sit and wait. Its really all I can do right now.

Well I havent gotten a rejection letter since 2003 so I figure Im overdue.

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Hope the first act of dissapointment January 23, 2008 |

I think I was in highschool the last time I stalked the phone this much. Between the hours of 8am-5pm I sit in my office working with my phone in my pocket waiting...hoping for the faintest vibration. Due to an error in actually getting my jobs applied for I didn't sent things out until last Thursday...I figure I should know something soon. Today it rang. I grasped the phone "My work" flashed on the screen (as it would for anyone calling from the clinic). I resist the urge to pick it up...I wait for them to leave a message. Feverishly I dial....

"Hi Ava this is shmunafkler from the Mayo Clinic....

(I pause holding my breath not wanting to interrupt what the angel with the unpronounceable name at the end of the other line might say).

We were hoping you would be able to come in and....

(INTERVIEW! INTERVIEW! I chant in my head....The scene continues to play out like a snap shop of miss America I wave at my loveliness as i leave my desk to go to the interview (Because they are so impressed with me they want to meet me this instant)...people throw petals at my feet and beg me not to go....but i resist I have greener pastures to go to....it was all to perfect)

Make a donation at the blood center, there is a shortage of blood for people in need please call and make an appointment.

Fuck Me.
I hang up.

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audible sigh January 20, 2008 |

Friday sucked. I don't like to complain about work on my blog because its in poor taste and all but forget it its the only thing I have to talk about right now. In a misunderstanding we failed this test thing at work. Which was my bosses fault because it shouldnt have been reported in the first place and she signed it off. However my ass got hung out to dry because it sat on my desk before it found the failure and reported it to her. Here is the thing all though it sat for awhile (admittedly) it WAS NOT OVERDUE! She said "Your the Quality Specialist this is a quality issue and should have been your top priority." Well no. I did prioritize it and I prioritized it low because IT WASN'T FUCKING DUE! and I had half a dozen end of year crap that WAS due. Then I was on vacation and took care of it as soon as I got back where I had it completed in time.

THEN she sent an email to my kinda sorta upper boss (one of the ones that would be making a decision about my favorite new position that I applied for) bitching about me and how these things shoudl be investigated within 5days of being done. What does it matter? The failure had nothing to do with me. What does it matter if I write the report in a week or in a month? I am upset.

To be fair my assistant supervior backed me up saying Ava has about 20 top priorities right now. She basically rolled her eyes where in my rage I stoped listening. But basicaly she said shes busier than anyone and gets everything done.

Well yeah shes busy and yeah she works 70hour weeks. BUT that is her choice. She makes 6figures and chooses to do all these things. Sory for my meeger sallary I am not giving up my life and being a work-a-holic. I did the whole working weekends before just to keep up. I got burned out I hated my job durring that time. Since then Ive learned to let go a bit. And would like my job if it werent for situations like this.

I don't know what to do. Do I calm down and approach her and explain why I let it sit and why it was the right thing to do. I really think I will have to talk to her because quite frankly the thought of seeing her without talking to her about it makes my blood boil. She seems to have no idea of all my other responsibilities in the real life non-research lab. Not to mention my non-archetec self has made 2 plans for the new lab. Very time consuming.

Am I petty? What is it about me that makes it impossible to accept that not everyone at work thinks I'm a bright shinning star. (Allthough she is the only one that doesn't think I'm great). It really is just a misunderstanding but I fear I will go in there and she wont care and wont hear me out. I hope I get out soon.


officially obscure January 16, 2008 |

Pandora has now lead me into liking artists and songs that I cant even find on YouTube sad...and I've actually had to purchase thier music on itunes which to my knoledge I can not share with you...Damn copyrights. Not that I have a problem purchasing music in fact if I like something especially if its a "no name" artist I will most definately buy it. Gotta support my peeps.

Anywho that being said I can not share the exact songs (except the eskobar one) with you but I thought I introduce a few new artists:

First up Cake Bake Betty: Man is she fucked up. He songs (if you dont listen to the words) sound upbeat and catchy light hearted even. Then listen to them and worse yet watch the enclosed video and you are left majorly disturbed and slightly frightened (dont watch this alone at night). That being said Im in love. I bought her entire album "songs about teeth" its AMAZING!

Smoosh: Okay your scared now right? Well have no fear I have for the first time in a very LONG time found a pop sensation I can actually get behind. Its a girl band 3 sisters pre-teens (think girl hanson). I know I know it sounds like nails on a chalkboard right? NO! Amazingly unlike hanson they are not annoying. Give it a chance.

Eskobar: Allright if I have any viewing audience left...this is more "classic" Ava music taste. They remind me a little of dashboard confessional with a bit of ben folds. Im sure the world will disagree but hey its my opinion here.

By your side

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making a move January 15, 2008 |

I made a big step today you all should be proud. I got my resume and cover letter back from my over-priced resume writer yesterday and wasting no time I applied for 5 yes 5 jobs. All at Mayo. 3 assistant supervisor positions, a Quality Coordinator and a Safety Coordinator position. So you all should wish me luck.

There were a few on the CAP website that looked interesting but I'm just not ready to move to Illinois yet and if I did by chance get an offer that would just be a tough call to make. A new job at mayo will keep me entertained for another couple years. Where I can finish my CLS/MT, beef up my resume with another promotion and make a little more money to make my house a prettier home.

I think a new job will be good for me. I like Mayo and to an extent I like my job, but for awhile now I've been blah about the whole thing. I've gotten to the point where I've learned what I needed to learn and changed what I needed to change and 4 years and the same place is getting a bit old for my fluttery young ADD self. So onward and upward...wish me luck!


For your listening pleasure January 13, 2008 |

by, Funeral for a Friend

Dear friends of this academy
oooh romeo is bleeding to death
To see a friend bleed to death, what for
Some kind of metaphor that I cant see?
So I'll drink until I see it.

This sky will make me sick
So I'll give up on youI'll give up on this
This sky will make me sick
So I'll give up on this
I'll give up on you

Archers in your arches
Raise your fingers for one last salute
And bleed this skyline dry
Your history is mine

So you want to hold me up and bring me down
Yes, you want to hold me up and break me down
I don't care for your sweet scent
Or the way you want me more than I want you
and I don't care for your sweet scent
Or the way you want me more than I want you

Archers in your arches
Raise your fingers for one last salute
And bleed this skyline dryYour history is mine

Archers in your arches
Raise your fingers for one last salute
And bleed this skyline dryYour history is mine..

It's all mine..
It's all mine..
It's all mine..

Archers in your arches
Raise your fingers for one last salute
And bleed this skyline dryYour history is mine..

Archers in your arches
Raise your fingers for one last salute
And bleed this skyline dryYour history is mine...

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Keep your TB to youself please January 07, 2008 |

Picture stolen from Kitten on Flicker.

Today I embarked on the most horrid journey ever made for any female. My vacation festivities landed me 5lbs more than my already way overweight self. Pushing me to the point were my snug pants were unbearable to button. After a minor melt down Sunday night trying to find something to wear I went to the mall to buy bigger pants :(

I fortunately found some pants at JC Penny of all places. 50% off twill flat front khakis that are the perfect rise and length I bought two pairs. So I was feeling pretty good. I went to Barnes and Nobel got a Carmel macchioto skinny no whip and read about Jamie Lynn Spears. Who apparently is defending her mom. And truth be told if your going to be a teen parent at least she can afford her kid.

So after my guilty tabloid pleasures i exited the mall where i was annoying behind a gentleman with BO and tattered clothing who was weaving and walking painfully slow. A cab was parked in the middle of the parking lot isle and i was trying to navigate around him and the parked cab. I made me move when he cut me off headed toward the cab muttered "bitch" not so subtly under his breath and spit at me...literally spit at me. Think Tailor Made on I Love New York 2. Fortunately his aim in spitting was about as good as his precise walking skills and he mostly missed me save a splatter on my new shoes.

Now I am all for giving people a pass. Someone speeds by me in the fast lane so be it maybe they have a family member in the hospital then need to reconcile with before their untimely death. I can rationalize that. Cutting me off in line at the gas station fine...maybe they are late for work. Moving out of your way to cut me off, call me a bitch and spit at me then moving back to get into a cab which is already causing me inconvenience...yeah unforgivable.

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A kind face January 05, 2008 |

I know I know...I'm the worst blogger ever but I'm back on and here to share my pearls of wisdom.

I trekked off to Chicago. It was fab. Spent some time with the fam. They only drove me nuts on day 5 and 6 which I think is pretty good considering I'm not used to having to talk to them so much and didn't have my pillow and I didn't get to sleep naked for the entire vacation.

Instead of the traditional daddy daughter day we did a Mazur family fun-day. We went downtown accompanied by Alice and Cobie where we went for Tapas. Which I love! This is my third tapas restaurant and all have been wonderful. I highly suggest you all go to one and bring good people who don't mind you picking through the same food. And always ALWAYS order the sangria.

In the post tapas stupor my parents and I abandoned my friends and went to see Wicked. Its been so long since I've gone to the theater. Sigh I miss you Chicago.

I then rejoined my friends for a wardrobe change and an L trip to Berlin (the bar). I get off the train and go to the door. I had a $20 where the bouncer groaned, "another 20" I told him I had a $5 and to hold on. I dug through my tiny coach purse and extracted a tattered $5 dollar bill which tore as I pulled it from its cramped domain. "Oh don't worry about it" he says, "You've got a kind face" Cobie and Alice who tend to be the ones ooglied at, had to pay :)

So we partied like it was 1999. Or more likely 12/28/07 and 2 long beaches from a gay bar later I was dancing and about ready to pass out on the floor. We left the bar and headed back to the L where we waited in the bitter cold.

I decided to take this opportunity to call smiley and be mushy. Alice gave me a lit cigarette and I retreated into my own little world.

As I was strolling I noticed a police officer complete with a German Shepard fit with a cage like muzzle. Suddenly I realized that even though I am in the great outdoors I am in a public domain. I turned away too drunk to really commit to putting it out. Panic in my eyes as he approached i snuffed it out on my shoe and clutched the stinky butt in my hand.

I turned and he was there.
" I put it out I put it out"
" Look I'm not even littering." I deposited the butt in the outer pocket of my purse
" I'm from Minnesota."

Alice and Cobie then engaged my potential arrestor and his puppy chaos in idle conversation until the trained arrived but I like to think it was my majestically kind face that got me off again.

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