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audible sigh

Friday sucked. I don't like to complain about work on my blog because its in poor taste and all but forget it its the only thing I have to talk about right now. In a misunderstanding we failed this test thing at work. Which was my bosses fault because it shouldnt have been reported in the first place and she signed it off. However my ass got hung out to dry because it sat on my desk before it found the failure and reported it to her. Here is the thing all though it sat for awhile (admittedly) it WAS NOT OVERDUE! She said "Your the Quality Specialist this is a quality issue and should have been your top priority." Well no. I did prioritize it and I prioritized it low because IT WASN'T FUCKING DUE! and I had half a dozen end of year crap that WAS due. Then I was on vacation and took care of it as soon as I got back where I had it completed in time.

THEN she sent an email to my kinda sorta upper boss (one of the ones that would be making a decision about my favorite new position that I applied for) bitching about me and how these things shoudl be investigated within 5days of being done. What does it matter? The failure had nothing to do with me. What does it matter if I write the report in a week or in a month? I am upset.

To be fair my assistant supervior backed me up saying Ava has about 20 top priorities right now. She basically rolled her eyes where in my rage I stoped listening. But basicaly she said shes busier than anyone and gets everything done.

Well yeah shes busy and yeah she works 70hour weeks. BUT that is her choice. She makes 6figures and chooses to do all these things. Sory for my meeger sallary I am not giving up my life and being a work-a-holic. I did the whole working weekends before just to keep up. I got burned out I hated my job durring that time. Since then Ive learned to let go a bit. And would like my job if it werent for situations like this.

I don't know what to do. Do I calm down and approach her and explain why I let it sit and why it was the right thing to do. I really think I will have to talk to her because quite frankly the thought of seeing her without talking to her about it makes my blood boil. She seems to have no idea of all my other responsibilities in the real life non-research lab. Not to mention my non-archetec self has made 2 plans for the new lab. Very time consuming.

Am I petty? What is it about me that makes it impossible to accept that not everyone at work thinks I'm a bright shinning star. (Allthough she is the only one that doesn't think I'm great). It really is just a misunderstanding but I fear I will go in there and she wont care and wont hear me out. I hope I get out soon.


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