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Merry Christmas Update

I know Ive been neglecting you all so I thought Id do a major post to catch you up. Here is some music for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 1: School
OMG did that suck. But by some miracle I got my grades and ended up with 2 A'a and 1 B. Thats a 3.67 for the semester. Sweet. So for the next semester you get to look forward to hearing me bitch about the following classes: Laboratory Management, Clinical Laboratory 1, Homeostasis, and Clinical Chemistry Rotation. This is the last semester of real classes. Wish me luck folks.

Chapter 2: Work
I dont like to talk to much about work on here just because its in poor taste but oy its not good. Things have been insanely busy for the last year and now my boss is leaving for greener pastures. Im scared. As a precaution Im getting my resume together of vacation. Perhaps this is just the kick in the pants I need to get me to find something new. Ill keep you updated.

Chapter 3: Family
Im home for chirstmas...I want to go back to my home. I have officially reached that point in my life where my home and my life is well mine and I guess I like it. Staying at my parents house just doesnt feel right anymore. I have to wear pants, I cant blow dry my hair in the living room, I cant swear and i cant talk on the phone late at night. I love my parents I do I love being home and seeing everyone and catching up. But somewhere around day 3 Im about spent.

Chapter4: Bom-chica-bom-bom
Things with Smiley are going remarkably well. Its been a whirl win we are always together and we will even be ringing in the new year together along with Alice and Cobie. I really will give more details one day I promise but I dont want to just yet :P

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