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Back to life

This has been the weirdest weekend ever. It all started on Friday where I woke up two hours late for my 11pm start time at work. I called where my boss said just take it as a comp day. BONUS three-day weekend :)

I took this opportunity to take in August Rush with Smiley. The movie was pretty good. Another situation where I had unrealistic expectations and had been told its awesome only to be disappointed. That being said I would still highly recommend it.

Saturday was supposed to be date-day with YMCA but due to white-out conditions he wasn't able to make it. Oh well he was already starting to bore me. This lead to a weekend that was so much of a blur that I called in on Monday. Which I NEVER DO unless I'm literally dieing...I was not dying.

So after four days off I did the following: Avoided snow blowing the driveway, ignored the piles of laundry accumulating in every room of the house, slept very little, watched many movies, did not crack one book, binder notebook or anything else having to do with studying and took 3 showers.

Unfortunately today is Tuesday (its the new Monday everyone says so) and its back to the real world where I have to be productive so what better way to get in the mood that a little old school music video action.

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