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Out of the woodwork

What the hell is up all of a sudden blasts from the past are falling all over me. PS this is my 100th post happy day

Case 1: Red
All of a sudden he has dropped the other chick and won’t leave me alone. He’s practically begging for us to start dating again…it’s not working. Talking about how sweet I am and how he is so sorry and he made a mistake. Actually tried to convince me for an hour to get together this weekend.

Case 2: The nice guy
We had a date sometime this summer…Julyish I think. We went bowling and had bumpers played the how many time can I hit the bumpers game…lots of fun. Went to dinner he paid, and refused to even let me leave the tip…nice. Then went to the comedy club, escorted me by putting his hand on my back arm around me during the show. He was older cute. Well I didn’t hear much of him after that so I moved on. Well we never really stopped talking. And he would occasionally say oh there is an exhibit at the science museum we should go together. My thought I have enough friends that live an hour away, in retrospect he knows I love museums and probably put a lot of thought into it…he was asking me on a date. I completely blew him off I had no clue. So I talked to him a few days ago. I basically told him he’s nice and I like him but I don’t really see a fledgling friendship working from an hour and a half away. Anyways he basically laid it on the line and was like I like you…even said I want you (hey that’s kinda hot). Anyways it didn’t work out for this weekend but I would go out with him. Of course now he probably thinks I'm blowing him off again L

Case 3: The so-so guy
I agreed to meet so-so as friends. He was getting over a failed relationship. Not that cute, some personal issues but whatever. When we hung out I had fun. Then out of the blue his ex starts talking to him again and then he never had time to do anything…no skin off my nose just friends. Although it was flattering to know he had a thing for me. Well today out of the blue he ims me. Tells me he has a dream about me and we were on a date and I looked amazing. Then he said he would like to take me out. I pretty much said we could hang out but I’m not interested in dating him.

Non-Case: Mr.Perfect so far
I’ve been talking to this guy forever. I met YMCA on eharmony. We switched to phone communication about a month ago. He has a graduate degree, good morals. Funny expressionful voice, good laugh. Have I been asked out…no L I guess I was a little sluggish at agreeing to phone communication but I think it’s pretty obvious I’m interested. So should I just ask him? I like to be traditional, I like to be pursued perhaps I will drop some not so subtle hints.


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