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Another day in the mundane life o ava

I had the day off since I worked the weekend. I slept in until noon it was magical. Then I had to go into work because I apparently left an entire page of my final blank. Way to go Me. Then I cleaned out the fridge. Did 5 case studies and rewatched some movies. I rented three all were wonderful check em out.

The Ultimate Gift
Its a tear jerker of the favorite kind. The asshole turns good, lessons are learned people die and love is found. Who can resist. Grade: A

Evan Almighty
I didnt exactly have high hopes for this movie. I rented it because I figured I would need something stupid to watch after the tear jerker and that way I could get some homework done while watching it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it hilarious. The storyline was decent. God was humorous. Ending had a mini twist. Grade: B-

Oh who can resist the thrill of a young woman repressed in sports and having to overcome oppression in order totally kick ass in soccer. Challenging the views of not only her father and the school but that of the whole world....okay maybe I got a little carried away. But I do love to see people overcome...lord knows im not going to do it. Grade: B+

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