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Red: i just wanted to say hi, and i miss u...sorry i havent been easy to reach lately, i kinda just needed to focus on me i guess.

Ava: yeah i guess

Red: somethings happened that i cant talk about yet, but i will eventually

Red: i'm sorry

Ava: well you could have told me you were dissapearing

Red: i didnt tell anyone

Ava: that doesnt make it ok with me

Red: everyone has been trying to reach me and i just dont have anything to say

Red: u hate me?

Ava: no but I am by no means happy with you

Red: i dont blame u

Ava: what you did was inconsiderate, selfish and disrespectful

Ava: i would not treat you that way and I certainly do not expect to be treated that way

Red: i know hun, u didnt deserve it, i'm just messed up i guess

Ava: Well I want to take a step back you have to much going on I rather be friends...I can support you better that way

Red: seriously?

Ava: when and if you get things together we can talk about more

Red: wow

Ava: completly ignoring me for a week is not a relationship

Red: ok, if thats what u want

( At this point I re-added him to my list)

Red: u deleted me?

Ava: yes

Red: when

Ava: yesterday, i figuredi tried to contact you about 5 times and you didnt want to talk to me so you were done, i wasnt going to keep putting myself out there to be rejected

Red: well i'm sorry

Ava: I want to know what went on that could make you behave so poorly

The conversation continued into a story that is basically none of your buisness. The moral it was tempting to change my mind. Red needs me. His life isnt great right now, hes down, he needs someone to cuddle him and take care of him. I know I feed on that. I love to feel indispensible. But that is not a relationship. That is parent child. I made that mistake before Im not going to make it again. So single I stay. I can be a friend to Red but thats all. Too bad the sex was good.

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  • Blogger unforgiving b*tch says so:
    10:57 PM  

    I know exactly how it feels when the sex is good but you know you can't be anything other than a friend to that person. top