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The life of a cub fan

I grew up in Chicago..well kinda Schaumburg. Don’t hate me because I lived in the burbs my love of Chicago is unfaltering and if I won the lottery today my house would be on the market and car would be in drive with nothing but me and my two dogs headed straight for the nearest nothside reality office.

The real tragedy of living in a “northside” attitude home as a child is you are brainwashed over several childhood summers to love three things: 1-Wrigly field 2-The Cubs and 3- Chezzburger chezzburger no pepsi…coke.

I’m currently sitting in bed avoiding my homework and watching the cub’s game. We are in first place 2 ½ games ahead. Sigh hope. It’s the most gut wrenching part. It has been 99 years since a world series win. All due to the billy goat curse.

Most cub fans think the curse will be magically lifted at the 100yr mark. Seems reasonable isn’t it a hard and fast rule that curses have a 100yr expiration date? The problem is the curse didn’t happen in 08. It happened in 1945. That means the 100yr theory would only really work out if we maintained our dry spell through 2045…bummer. I would be 72. My poor father 101. In researching the curse on wikepedia I discovered that the theory is that cub fans must love goats (not just have them around for publicity) in order to break it. So I am here to do my part.

Why I love goats:

1- They hail from Europe just like my family so we are relatives and you always have to love your family

2- Goat hides used to be used for wine bottles. I like wine.

3- Goats eat everything. I hate mowing my lawn. Maybe I can convince the city to keep a couple in my yard. The whole neighborhood would be improved.

4- MMM goat cheese

5-Goats loudly "bleat" when irritated. I wish I could bleat. I just pout and whine.


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