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blonde moments

So in my first order of buisness belmont is home safe and sound. His leg looks pretty icky and his half shaven butt is quite the fashion statment but all things considered I think hes doing well. He has spend pretty much all day sleeping and is taking 10 pills a day so I assume he will be doing quite a bit of sleeping for the next couple weeks. I think Im going to have to get him one of those pill boxes.

In other news I can be such a bubble head sometimes. Incident one. I was collecting belmont from the vet and set my purse and keys in the car. I to free my hands so I could lift him into the back cargo area. I colleced my purse and closed the door. This would have been okay if I would of had my keys IN my purse...unfortunately I left them next to them. I realized the problem as I walked to the drivers side to unlock my door. Sigh my vet is not in town. So I had to call a locksmith from 20minutes away to come and rescue me. $70 dollars later I was on my way home.

Incident two. I was at bowling. I walked up and was about to hurl my ball down the ally when I notice humm the light isnt on...and I here someone saying no no NO!! I look over an a very frightened looking bowling employee is staring straight at me while half bent over fishing a pin out of the gutter. I hang on to the ball slightly loose my balance but I did not fall down or kill anyone.

Incident three. The very next time I am up to bowl I go up to my lane...check for the light...its on we are all good. I throw it right down the middle...very promising. Then the pin gate comes down and the gate bends forward. My ball hits the gate bounces and comes rolling back towards me. All eyes turn to me. The guy I almost took out five minutes ago comes to my aid and resets the lane. He giggled a little.

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