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Belmont Go Get a Job

I dropped off baby bell for his first surgery today to repair his crucial ligament. Even though the vet said his left knee was more unstable I insisted he do the right knee first because that is the one he has been primarily limping on. Well was his mommy right because when they got in there not only was his ACL all screwed up but he had a tear in his meniscus. Which they said they cleaned up as best as they could I don’t know exactly what can be done in the case of a torn meniscus but I suppose it’s good to know I’m not crazy. So he’s staying the night at the vet’s office and I can pick up my little bundle of fur and stiches tomorrow morning. Where I took the day off so I can dote on him to no end and make sure his pillows are fluffed and water has unmelted ice cubes.

One note on my financial investment on this surgery…its not cheep and I can’t technically afford it. Although my visa can. What I don’t understand is the multitude of people (basically everyone but my parents) that were utterly shocked that I was going to get him the surgeries. Umm hello? I don’t have kids he’s 3yrs old has many happy and healthy years left with me of course I’m going to get him fixed. If a 20yr old breaks a hip you don’t just throw them in a wheelchair and be done with it. I am not a fan of he’s just a dog mentality. He’s more than a puke making, underwear eating garden destroying dog. He’s a pet who sits on the couch with me when I’m sad, cuddles with me when I’m lonely and is a conversation starter when meeting new people at the dog park. That’s worth the price of any surgery.

In case you had some undying curiosity about my Belly’s injuries I have included some anatomy drawings of a knee (Provided by Mayo Clinic). They aren’t stolen if you give them credit right?

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:59 AM  

    poor bellie buttons! aunti r gives her love. top