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I'm Not a Lesbian

I’m more intoned with the gay world than any straight woman should be. Usually about once a month someone asks me if I’m a lesbian. I don’t really fit the typical “lesbian” stereotype but my constant appearance in gay-friendly venues must make people wonder enough to get up the gumption to ask.

I don’t like this question because it makes me feel weird to “fess up” and say I’m straight and then it invariably leads to a line of questioning of why am I here then. And I get in their weird defensive mood and feel I have to explain myself.

This weekend I had two relative strangers inquire about my sexuality (Within 5minutes of meeting me). Sometimes I just want to strangle them. In my 26years I have never EVER asked anyone if they were gay. EVER! I figure they will either tell me or it will become obvious if and when I get to know them better.

To go with the spirt of my post a clip from the movie Trick. If you havent sceen it you should.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    11:50 PM  

    maybe if you stop making out with strange women you wont get the lesbian comment, hahahha. well at least you mom doesnt ask you about being a lesbian. i mean really im just a fat girl who hangs out in gay bars, and since i dont wear flannel or have a mullet that of course makes me a fag hag. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    12:33 AM  

    I havent made out with strange women in fact any women in a good year. top