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Ava's Treasure Chest

My last post got me to thinking about vibrators. Yes they are normal to own, and if you are embarassed to admit you masturbate then well we will not be friends. I used to own many and when I moved out from college I got rid of them all except for my rabbit. Which died an unfortunate death of never being able to turn off again. I heard the buzzing for about 2days before a figured it out. Well in my singleness I have collected 3 over the last year and I am here to give you a consumer report.
The Merry Murmaid by Fun Factory. Crap. Its too loud to it creaks and I’m worried the end might fall off. The clit stimulator does not hit anywhere near the clit. The whole thing is inflexible and just doesn’t feel quite right. It collects lint and looks a bit scary.

My First G-Sport vibe (mine is purple). I bought this in pursuit of having one of those g-spot orgasms Ive heard so much about. If I have the potential to squirt things across the room I want to know about it. For the record I still don’t think I have a g-spot either that or mine isn’t very functional and it certainly doesnt seem willing to spit anything. But back to the point this vibe is inexpensive and good for those hey nothing has been in there but a tampon in a long time urges.

The I-Vibe by DocJohnson (as you can guess mine is purple). This is my second DocJohnson product and I have been nothing but pleased. Power is excellent, takes only one battery. Its quiet and isn’t very noticeable sitting on my nightstand next to my alarm clock J A bit pricier than your everyday pocket vibe but oh oh so worth it….


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