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He Made it to Date Two!

So I had a second date with the fuzz last night. I was supposed to be packing but this was much more fun. He came over the rain held off and we grilled some shrimp and I made some rice. The shrimp was excellent but the rice was a bit bland. Of course all of this is unimportant we had just as much fun as last time. He came over at about 8pm and we talked until it got dark and then went inside and talked some more. I found out some more stats. He has two sisters both younger. He gets along with his parents and the rest of his family raised catholic and went to private school (just like me). He’s still catholic a minor minus points but when I discussed my religious views which are very liberal he was accepting and agreed with what I had to say. He didn’t even flinch when I said I went to “gay” church.

He met my roomie and talked and was jovial with her as well. Then it was getting late a bit after midnight and I walked him down to his car we flirted a bit. There was a slight awkwardness and I thought he was going in for the hug but he seemed unsure. So I said “Hug?” which he accepted gratefully.

So yeah date two still good. Still waiting for the spark but that never comes for me until the first make out session.

Side note this is vacation day one. I drove to Chicago and changed into my cute new strapless dress went with Cobie and his boyfriend “daddy” to a neighborhood bar for drinks. So tired must sleep.

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