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I made the most horrific discovery today. I was cruising YouTube as I have a tendency to do since I am an addict and came across someone who had posed 3:14 seconds of an ultrasound. I know that may not sound like a lot but to a person like myself with borderline ADHD and little to no interest in children especially ones that can not even throw up on me yet I only made it to about 30seconds where the 4D ultrasound started up and scared the be-jesus out of me.

To make matters worse she is planning on naming the child Gwendolyn and had the song set to “I’m Just a Girl by Gwen Stefani.” Okay first rant if you want to name your child after Gwen Stefani and I can’t really see any reason to why someone would want to do that but lets say you did. Then don’t name her Gwendolyn name her Gwen.

So with my outrage in full swing I go down to the comment section to look for comradely from my fellow man trying to set this woman straight..instead I find this.

“i named my daughter gwenhwyfar(gwenifer) after gwen stefani and also after my friend jenifer.” –nicitomo

Gwenwyfar? Is she serious?

Maybe if I ever have a child I will name it Alicacobie oh wait I wouldn’t spell it like that maybe Ayelaceacowbee. Any child with a name like that is going to have to spell their name to everyone, and he/ she will have to pronounce it over and over until they realize its not a real name but some weird radioactive conjunction of two normal names…and then they will roll his/her eyes let out a heavy sigh and say “you don’t know my mother”

Gwenwyfar I am sorry for your lot in life I hope these hardships are something you can overcome I for one could never be that strong.

Incase you are curious here is the youtube video…I don’t suggest you watch it…I can’t decide if its more boring or disturbing.

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