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Was it a Date?

I have been talking to this guy rather sporadically online for the last 5months. I met him on okcupid.com. He’s funny not the funniest person I know but out of the pool of straight males he outranks most. He’s REALLY into birthdays, he celebrated his whole birthday month and pretty much brought it up every time I talked to him. It was a little annoying at first but now I think it’s kinda funny since he did the same thing to me while it was my birthday month. He even called me on my bday and sang on my voicemail.

So I was online on Thursday I think and he asked if I wanted to get together. I was a bit hesitant since my date last weekend was an accepting to my fast on dates and he didn’t live in town. If you live less than 10minutes away from me I will go on a date with you. The worst that can happen is I loose an afternoon or evening that I would have otherwise spent sitting at home by myself.

Birthday offered to make the hour long trip without me even bringing it up and he said it was just meeting as friends. I think this is rather hokey. Who drives and hour to establish a friendship? Maybe I’m just lazy in finding friends.

So we meet at the bowling alley but then discover we are hungry so we got and have dinner first. We went to a Mexican joint. Conversation was easy and he asked a lot of questions. Bill came and I offered to split which he accepted. Of course I didn’t have cash so I said I just pay for the whole thing and he could take care of bowling.

Bowling: We decided to go for the bumpers  Game 1: regular he totally kicked my ass I think it was my 92 to his 138. Game 2: Required bumpers the game got all messed up so we didn’t keep score. Game 3: also required bumpers extra bragging rights for whoever bounced of them more. I learned two things about him he is good at bowling and good at geometry.

Comedy: At 10pm the night was still young so we scooted off the comedy club. By this point he was holding doors and ushering me through by placing his hand lightly on my back. Humm date? I did the reach for the wallet for comedy and he already had his money out. Before the show started he put his arm around me and we cuddled up a bit. The show was good we laughed I learned he clapped abnormally slowly all good.

So I proceeded to drive him back to his car, I didn’t want to invite him over I just wasn’t in the mood for awkwardness or sleepover guests. I realized I was just driving him to his car so I asked him if that was ok if he wanted to do something else that was fine but I knew he had a drive to get back. He agreed it was late but included that he had a good time. So we got to his car and he said he would talk to me later and left. No hug nothing…although that always is a little awkward so I didn’t mind.

This morning when I signed on he im’d me right away thanking me for a fun night. So was this a date?

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  • Blogger Wobbly*Bits says so:
    4:59 AM  

    Sounds like a date to me! Of course, by this point you've had date 2 and knowt his. I'm new. top