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Black Sharpie

I was at Sams Club today getting new tires for my shminivan. This older gentleman comes up to me and decides to start one of those awkward stranger conversations. He tells me that he got tiers for his van this weekend and they mounted the tires backwards. He continues well they arent really mounted backwardsbut they have them so the white writing is facing outside. It looks odd since I drive an old vanif I had a sports car that would be ok.

I look at him blankly. I personally could care less if my tires had white or black writing on them. The guy continues to complain saying that now he is going to have to pay a wopping nine dollars to have the remounted white side in. I say You should just get a black sharpie and color it in for free.

You would think I had just proclaimed the meaning of life. He looks at me in wonder and smile creeping across his weathered face. Im going to do that he says while slapping his knee. Its so simple! He starts to frolic away down the aisle, You must have gone to college! He exclaims while trotting out of earshot.

Seriously he said that


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