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Sent is the Strongest Memory Receptor

So I mildly lost my mind last night and spent $130 on perfume. But I needed a new sent and I couldnt decide so I bought two.

Isolence by Guerlain:

She is a free spirit, independent, with a will of her own. She is audacious and makes her own choices. She dances to a different tune, leaving an irresistible lingering trail in her wake.... Free to be herself, she disregards what others say and is spontaneous. She is bursting with life. She is magnificent. Assertive and truly herself, this utterly irresistible woman does not conform to stereotypes. She sometimes relies on instinct more then reason. Catch her if you can!

Euphoria by Clavin Klein

Free yourself with euphoria, a provocative new fragrance from Calvin Klein. A contrast of exotic fruits and seductive black orchid with a rich and creamy signature, it's a journey without limits.

Oh and for the record

my everyday sent Hugo for Women:

Hip young and trendy, the sent targets the youth market. A fruity composition featuring green apple, cantaloupe, peach, and berry gives a ripe, provocative edge to the amber oriental sent.


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