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Carabineer Carnage

On Saturday afternoon I went up to LaCrosse to visit Miss Alice and go camping. The evening was going relatively wellthere was poker, beer and brats I mean really what else does a girl need on a Saturday night. Several drinks later we were hanging out by the fire pit and a very comfortable looking hammock catches our eyes. I guess it didnt strike me that I did not see any of the 20+ people at the site sit on the hammock. They just must not be as smart as I was coming up with this brilliant plan of hammock fun.

So Alice and I back up to hammock and drop down in succinct unison. BOOM! Yeah we sat down all right. The carabineer gave way and the hammock was thusly released from its binding frame leaving us flat and sprawling on the wet grass. We both lay there for a second wondering if anyone saw us and Alice looks over at me, Well that was a little more than embarrassing.

Since I was otherwise engaged I myself did not get to witness the hilarity of the event. However it was described to me as four feet up in the air and two beer cans raised up with a veracity akin to Great Lady Liberty holding her torch.

It is really quite surprising that we didnt see this coming. Neither myself nor Alice are petite in stature. And we are in general relatively intelligent girls especially when it comes to a matter of preventing oneself from looking like a total cow. The owner of the devious hammock consoled us by explaining that the hammock was not really in working order and that the carabineer was aluminum and wouldnt have held anyone. This is a lie I have chosen to believe.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    3:59 PM  

    i always believe lies that make me feel like NOT a complete fat ass top