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My Virgin Skin

I am now officially a Bad Ass. Last weekend Alice and I went and got tatoos. They are matching which is admittedly lame but it was more love of the design :P Its a bright pink star with a black outline about a 1" diameter. I decided to get it on my rump because I didnt want it to be something that people would see on a regular basis due to tanktop wearage or bending over.

So Im laying on the table with my butt hanging out in the breeze the buzzing begins my heart races. I consider changing my mind and then he starts. Hey this isnt bad. In fact I wasnt bothered by the whole experience it was almost relaxing in a sadistic sort of way.

So I was prepared for the getting the tatoo pain I was not prepared for the week after pain. My pretty pink star is now a weeping geometrically shapen scab. And due to its location it is constantly rubing against the waist band of my underwear. This flicks off the scab and makes it puss and stick to said underwear. So am I cool yet?

I will post a picture once it has heeled oh and after I have photo-shop'd out my ass-crack.


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