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Hello Stoplight Neighbor

Allright so I have this habit of looking in other peoples car windows when Im at a stop light. What are they doing? Who are they talking to? Are they jammin to the same radio station I am? These are questions that must be answered by starring for frightening long times at them.
So here I am looking at this car and this lady is eating something. Typical enough...but then I realize that its not a candy bar but a silver fork because its not getting any smaller and Ive never really seen shiny food like that. And there appears to be something orange on the end of it. Orange and a fork. Im lost on this car food. Okay so Im at an odd angle so I scoot up on the ass of the car behind me to get a better look. This woman had a bowl.....a glass bowl mind you of mac and cheese.

Now perhaps Ive just been limting my car foods to fruit roll ups and string cheese when really I need to branch out. Maybe sloppy joes would make a good mid destination snack, or crab legs. Does anyone have a taste for ribs at least that doesnt need silverware. Here is my point. If after eating your car food you wish you had a car dishwasher then its time to pick something less complicated.


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