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Al Bore

I watched lovely Al Bore's acceptance speech today. I must say that I am excited about all of this political mum-bo-jumbo, as this is my first election in which I am allowed to participate. Now I must say that I am a repulbican. An odd sort of republican though, I am highly pro-choice which sort of goes against the backbone of rebubican ideals but I decare myself as one none the less. So anyways I sat down to watch Mr.Bore's speech and have a ol' good time booing at all his comments. I was sad to find that I agreed with almost everything he said. In fact I liked his speech better than that of my rebublican canidate.
Now its not that I have anything against the democrates of the world in fact most of my friends are democrates, its just that I like to keep my money. I supose I am a product of my fathers political brainwashing leading me to belive that the democratic party is composed of a bunch of pot-smoking-daisy-pushers. Which I guess is true but are they any better than the Repulbican-Party which sees statatory rape as an acceptable weekend activity. Ha, I guess Clinton proved that democrates like a little young flesh as well.
I supose the moral of my story is is that no matter which way you vote does it really matter? I mean the political churning of this nation is really out of our control. Bribes, and apperences guide bills in and out of washington not the people. I will still vote though. I like to have my say weather or not it truely makes a difference.
But I must say to Al Bore great speech! You wern't stiff, and i liked what you said. In fact I might even consider voting for you. Illinois is a key-state ya know. Well now I have to think and research to make and educated political decision. Damn what am I going to do with the parade of oragami dollar elephants on top of my tv. I dont know how to fold a donkey.

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