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TGI Friday's You Suck! April 02, 2007 |

My buddy Rory had come to visit me this weekend on Friday afternoon around 5pm she rolled into the driveway and I was so hungry I half contemplated eating her. After the mandatory 20minutes of I don't care where do you want to go we decided on TGI Fridays for dinner (since it was Friday we felt the restaurant choice more than appropriate).

We were seated promptly and it was early enough that the restaurant really wasn't that busy yet. Our waitress came over and K ordered some veggie pasta thing and added a side salad. I ordered the Cobb salad no meat or olives and some mozzarella sticks for us to share. Things look good right?

Time passes someone comes over with an appetizer….not out appetizer we send them away. Rory's salad came she finishes and we are still waiting on those mozz stick. Annoyance is starting to set in. Then our meal comes (ok at this point I couldn't give to shits about the mozz sticks I was just staving and wanted to eat them right away). She says oh you never got your appetizer Ill get that right away. I look at my salad meat laden as it is I stop her as she is running off. I kindly tell her that my salad is not supposed to have meat on it. She looks at me like I have three eyes and grabs it and runs off.

Okay I remember this scenario from when I was a vegetarian before. Why is it so difficult to not put meat on something that typically has meat? First of all I am paying for this meat that usually a restaurant would charge 3+ dollars to add and all I ask for that 3+ dollar overpayment is them to not put it on my salad. Am I being unreasonable? Le sigh I have learned to accept it though and it doesn't really bother me when I have to send it back.

A little to quickly for my taste she returns with the salad and mozz sticks she says she will send a manager over and wisks away again can she not ask if everything is ok? My salad is looking tosseled and angry. There is no visible meat but the waitress is off before I can inspect. First bite I take a piece of chicken is stuck to my lettuce ARGH!

Ok this is the end of my acceptableness. You do not take food back into a kitchen scrape of the meat and return it to someone. People who order something without meat aren't doing so because they don't really like it, they are doing it because they f'ing don't eat meat. Not to mention the fact that if picking it off was okay with me doing you think I would have just done it myself? Do you think you are going to get one by me? And for Christ sakes it's a salad it probably would take less time to make a new one than to pick out the meat.

Waitress did not return for at least 10minutes and then it was to ask if we wanted dessert and dropped of the bill.

No manager ever came.

I was without water for most of the meal.

I begrudgingly paid full price and I left no tip. I will not be returning to Fridays any time soon.

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