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I'll Charge It February 17, 2008 |

What a successful shopping day. After searching for weeks….WEEKS today on a whim I stopped at lane Bryant to see if they had anything for my interviews on Tuesday and Friday. And I found it the PERFECT BLACK SUIT. The professional equivalent of the little black dress and it was in separates. Which meant I got to buy my jacket a size larger to fit my boobs major bonus. Also lane Bryant has extended there jeans sizing (where it is based on body type) to their dress pants…so for the first time EVER I have dress pants that fit and are long enough….even too long! The jacket is a smidge short (as is the style of the moment) but instead of looking stupid is just slightly flares out at the hips giving the pleasing illusion that I have a waist. It has a hidden hook closure so its very streamline. The pants are long, not too baggy and bootcut. I feel like I could kick some major ass in this suit.

Well since the pants were a smidge long this gave me the opportunity to buy a new pair of black shoes. All my nice ones are flats. Besides I had been coveting some but hadent purchased then because I had nowhere to wear them. Behold the most and comfortable black heels…a little retro 40’s. Its by this company called sofft is a sister brand to my beloved borns.

Then just because I was walking past the fragrance counter and my euphoria bottle broke I decided to get a new one…and since I was there I did a few wiffs in case something struck my fancy. Well the Macy’s lady was very helpful and using my two signature scents (insolence and euphoria) she made two recommendations. One I hated but the other I loved…so I picked it up. DKNY Delicious Night.

I love being a girl!

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I miss you February 12, 2008 |

Picture borrowed from patrick lynch.

Today is day 25. I had my last two ciggarets in rapid succession after finding my beloved childhood bear's guts strone from one end of the house to the other.

You would think that after a three weeks of being nicotine free I would be over it by now. Not so. All the web seems to be able to tell me is that now I have a 30% increase in lung function. The only think I could imagine doing with all this extra lung space is filling it with some nicotine.

When I had quit before I dont remember it being that bad. I remember a few days of annoying cravings and then that was it over. Of course it isnt too bad anymore, but every day I get home from work it hits. Sigh...whatev-skis.

Maybe I could start dreaming about smoking to get my cravings out.

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I wish I may I wish I might... February 11, 2008 |

Photo uploaded from Bright Tal.

I officially have two interviews scheduled for next week. (Tue and Friday). They are behavioral interviews....groan. So I decided I should prepare so I don't look like a giant goober. Apperantly there is a lot of information out there on this sort of thing. The S-T-A-R method comes highly recomended on several sites basically you answer the question in the following format.
S- situation
T- task
A- action
R- result

Excited to try out my method I looked up some sample questions:

What is your typical way of dealing with conflict?

My boss was unhappy that certain results were not available as quickly as she would have liked. I had prioritized them low because they did not have any patient impact.
T- Make my boss realize that she is waaay overreacting and that I prioritized correctly
A- Look down at my papers dont explain myself, grit my teeth and concentrating on not crying or screeming
R- I went home from work and got drunk by myself on two bottles of wine and have avoided contact with her ever since.

Huuummmm maybe I should work on finding some better examples


Procrastinating February 10, 2008 |

I want a new template for my blog. I do adore the pull thing but I somehow lost fome of my graphics and I cant figure out how to get another column to get all my stuff on one page. These are the things i like to do in order avoid my homeowork.

Yummy February 05, 2008 |

Sceen: Smiley and Ava are sitting down to thier second dinner of the evening.

Smiley: (looking down at her bowl of soup) Isnt each can of soup like 3 servings

Ava: 2.5...so like you, me and a 5 year old child should eat that as one meal

Smiley and Ava look down at the rather smallish bowl of soup

Smiley: See I think of one bowl of soup as being a meal

Ava: I think of a bowl of soup and a 5 year old as a meal.

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Dishes February 02, 2008 |

I'm going to do something most people dont complain about...my roomate doing the dishes. I clean the rest of the kitchen she is in charge of dishes since she generates about 3x's the amount of dishes I do (since I eat out most of the time). My problem is how she does them.
Step1: Wait until both sinks are so ful that you can no longer fill a measuring cup without traveling to the bathroom faucet.
Step 2: Remove the largest pans covered in black grease and 3-day onld sink water from the pile and set them on the counter (perferedly on top of roomate avas tax forms). Go back to step 1.
Step 3: Begin leaving pans, dishes and glasses on the stove itself so now one can not even cook to create more dishes.
Step 4: Use the last spoon, knife or fork. (did I mention I own a minimum of four complete sets of flatware)
Step 5: Wait 3 days because you know your roomate is nerodic and its driving her crazy so she might do it when she cleans the kitchen. (To be fair I am to blame for this pattern because sometimes it does really just drive me that insane...now I clean the surfaces not covered by dishes and call it a day).
Step 6: After the 3 days has past wait for a perfect day.

Today I was awoken prematuraley twice. The first time was by smiley at 6:30 with a warm hand rubbing my back and some kisses. Nice. After smiley departed for work I easily drifted back off to sleep.

The second time was at 8am to simultanious water running, glass clanking, drawer slamming, cooking and dishes making nosises ever. I just wanted to sleep. I rather have a kitchen full of dishes than a roomate who has wakes me up while doing them.

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