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I miss you

Picture borrowed from patrick lynch.

Today is day 25. I had my last two ciggarets in rapid succession after finding my beloved childhood bear's guts strone from one end of the house to the other.

You would think that after a three weeks of being nicotine free I would be over it by now. Not so. All the web seems to be able to tell me is that now I have a 30% increase in lung function. The only think I could imagine doing with all this extra lung space is filling it with some nicotine.

When I had quit before I dont remember it being that bad. I remember a few days of annoying cravings and then that was it over. Of course it isnt too bad anymore, but every day I get home from work it hits. Sigh...whatev-skis.

Maybe I could start dreaming about smoking to get my cravings out.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:28 AM  

    I'm on week two of using the Chantix ... I'm so good when I'm with the love nugget - but get me around my family and I get a little zany. Today Ibroke down and 1/2 of a Pall Mall Menthol Ultra light- -- I know -- gross right? Now I'm drinking water by the buckets full to get the taste out of my mouth - ps. I'm having the most absurd dreams - I might have to blog about it. Hang in there -
    We can do it! -Rory top