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Hope the first act of dissapointment

I think I was in highschool the last time I stalked the phone this much. Between the hours of 8am-5pm I sit in my office working with my phone in my pocket waiting...hoping for the faintest vibration. Due to an error in actually getting my jobs applied for I didn't sent things out until last Thursday...I figure I should know something soon. Today it rang. I grasped the phone "My work" flashed on the screen (as it would for anyone calling from the clinic). I resist the urge to pick it up...I wait for them to leave a message. Feverishly I dial....

"Hi Ava this is shmunafkler from the Mayo Clinic....

(I pause holding my breath not wanting to interrupt what the angel with the unpronounceable name at the end of the other line might say).

We were hoping you would be able to come in and....

(INTERVIEW! INTERVIEW! I chant in my head....The scene continues to play out like a snap shop of miss America I wave at my loveliness as i leave my desk to go to the interview (Because they are so impressed with me they want to meet me this instant)...people throw petals at my feet and beg me not to go....but i resist I have greener pastures to go to....it was all to perfect)

Make a donation at the blood center, there is a shortage of blood for people in need please call and make an appointment.

Fuck Me.
I hang up.

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