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A kind face

I know I know...I'm the worst blogger ever but I'm back on and here to share my pearls of wisdom.

I trekked off to Chicago. It was fab. Spent some time with the fam. They only drove me nuts on day 5 and 6 which I think is pretty good considering I'm not used to having to talk to them so much and didn't have my pillow and I didn't get to sleep naked for the entire vacation.

Instead of the traditional daddy daughter day we did a Mazur family fun-day. We went downtown accompanied by Alice and Cobie where we went for Tapas. Which I love! This is my third tapas restaurant and all have been wonderful. I highly suggest you all go to one and bring good people who don't mind you picking through the same food. And always ALWAYS order the sangria.

In the post tapas stupor my parents and I abandoned my friends and went to see Wicked. Its been so long since I've gone to the theater. Sigh I miss you Chicago.

I then rejoined my friends for a wardrobe change and an L trip to Berlin (the bar). I get off the train and go to the door. I had a $20 where the bouncer groaned, "another 20" I told him I had a $5 and to hold on. I dug through my tiny coach purse and extracted a tattered $5 dollar bill which tore as I pulled it from its cramped domain. "Oh don't worry about it" he says, "You've got a kind face" Cobie and Alice who tend to be the ones ooglied at, had to pay :)

So we partied like it was 1999. Or more likely 12/28/07 and 2 long beaches from a gay bar later I was dancing and about ready to pass out on the floor. We left the bar and headed back to the L where we waited in the bitter cold.

I decided to take this opportunity to call smiley and be mushy. Alice gave me a lit cigarette and I retreated into my own little world.

As I was strolling I noticed a police officer complete with a German Shepard fit with a cage like muzzle. Suddenly I realized that even though I am in the great outdoors I am in a public domain. I turned away too drunk to really commit to putting it out. Panic in my eyes as he approached i snuffed it out on my shoe and clutched the stinky butt in my hand.

I turned and he was there.
" I put it out I put it out"
" Look I'm not even littering." I deposited the butt in the outer pocket of my purse
" I'm from Minnesota."

Alice and Cobie then engaged my potential arrestor and his puppy chaos in idle conversation until the trained arrived but I like to think it was my majestically kind face that got me off again.

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  • Anonymous Alice says so:
    11:34 AM  

    i think we should use your kind face to get us other free things like cars. top