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I need some Vodka

In an attempt to be a better person I am going to give credit where credit is due. So in concordance with my moral "rightness" I admit I steal...nah borrow pictures for my blog. To cleanse my guilty conscience I have decided that references are in ordered. If you think I'm going to start taking my own photography you obviously are misguided enough to think I have talent or time. That being said...I "borrowed" this pic from Egg on Stilts' Flicker site.

Now onto the bitching....

Its a crappy Monday. The current time is 8:27am I do not have to be at work until about noon. I am awake.

I slept over at Smiley's house last night. We had a bit of a tifflet. Well not really more of an emotionally charged misunderstanding to where I acted ridiculously like I tend to do. And all my baggage which I thought was lost at the airport was very annoyingly returned to me causing me to act completely insane around a person whom does not deserve it. Bah. Anyways it all ended up okay but I didn't sleep well at ALL because once I get all stirred up its hard for me to settle down again. The alarm went off at 5:50 and after a good morning snuggle I dropped Smiley off at work and went back home take in a few hours of napping before doing anything. Well I was of course awake so I took out the trash let the dogs out. Cleaned up a mess where one of them got in the closet, dragged out my dirty laundry and chewed on my key access card which was attached to one of my pants. Fortunately the card is only minorly chewed and I think it will still work without issue.

I settle into bed with the dogs where I can not find my remote so I end up watching the today show for an hour while studying some hematology. Then I checked my myspace and facebook. Where the fuzz left me a message. Gag.

"Hey! I have been off the internet for a while, I see you met a fella! Very cool! I've been doin good. glad to hear things are goin well for you too! Awesome! See ya later!"

Met a fella eh not exactly...things going well...umm I guess school sucks and is draining me of any joy in my life so not really. Awesome? Definitely not. I ask you what after months of no contact possessed the yak-o to message me? I don't want to talk to him. In fact I'm pissed I know hes a cop so I live in total fear of having to see him again the next time I inevitably get pulled over for speeding.

Oh also I got a text from Red yesterday saying "Hi hun" Really? Look buddy you lost the right to call me hun about 2months ago. Why are you still texting me? And since he is still a friend on myspace I read his survey where he appears to be all smitten with this girl Cassie. For goodness sakes go bother her! P.S. I didn't not text back. And I intended to delete him from my myspace but forgot by the time i read my other bulletins.

Oh I also talked to YMCA last night. Basically told him that it wasnt going to work out. With the cop out that I'm too busy. Smiley being a friend first knows all about YMCA and was not keen on me meeting/dating him. I wouldnt be crazy about Smiley dating anyone either so after a week long fizzle of only returning his calls when I knew he would not be home I dropped the bomb. He was a little off kilter it was sorta out of the blue but he kept his game face on and we still maintained a light conversation for about 15minutes after that prior to hanging up.

Anyways after all that i snuggled under the covers and turned out the lights for a snooze. Unfortunately I just laid there feeling sorry for myself and wishing for an aneurysm (no luck yet). I was about to drift into sleep when BOOM...BOOM....BOOM from down stairs followed by a very Mannheim steamroller-esc version of the little drummer boy played at 80 decibels. I cant say for certain but I think my roommate may have placed the speaker directly into the vent.

To be fair she probably had no clue I was home. I am usually at work at this time and I didn't mention working the pm shift this week. STILL! She then opened an slammed every cabinet in the kitchen and left the house without turning off the music. I just figured she was doing something in her car but no after about another 10minutes of torturous Christmas spirit post the sliding door closing and locking I checked the garage and she was gone. I waddled my way downstairs where on my way to the blaring Christmas music I also turned off 3 lights. (No wonder my electric bill is so flippin high).

I am now not even going to attempt to sleep because I will probably drift off at 9:55 only to be awoke by my alarm at 10. Christ. I should do something fun tonight after my final. I need to de-stress.

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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    8:21 AM  

    Good Morning Miss Ava - I have a book for you to read - that is of course once you have time to sleep, eat, blog, catch up on the never ending battle of housework and not to mention vodka-nate yourself -
    Title: You have to Kiss a lot of Frogs by Laurie Graff - your blog reminds me of it- ok so you're not a jewish starving actress - but none-the-less I think you would like the book. We need to catch up soon! ta-ta -Roryena top