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6 things

I was reading someones post and they were tagged for a blog thing...I dont really understand but im going to post with the same topic.

Basically its 6 things any man who wants to date me should know (but I tend to make them find out the hard way)

1- Morally Im right and you are wrong
You dont pay for internet and use your neighbors wi-fi...Wrong
You keyed your exs car because he cheeted on you....Wrong
This is not to say Im a saint and in actuallity if you keyed your exes car or stole some wi-fi I dont really care. What I care about is you have to admit this isnt the right thing to do...own it and I can deal with it.

2- Love me love love my friends
If you dont like gay people, if you think its icky or wrong that simply isnt going to fly. If you cant stand cobie giving his man of the moment a kiss goodbye or hear about two of my friends having sex in the shower you arent going to last.

3- Strap me down and dominate me
vanilla sex can be fun. Lovey dovey owwey gooey romanitc "making love" is sweet and has its place but for heavens sake lets have a little fun. I am a hornball I like sex and I like variety. Lets make out in an elevator or do a little inapropriate touching in a not so crowded theater. Make a cheesy line and play a little student teacher. You dont have to be serious you just have to have fun.

4- Get a life
I cant make you happy. I cant stop your depression, your addictions or your lonliness. In fact I dont want to. I dont want to fill your social calander I just want a place in it. You need your own family and friends. If you depend on me for everything you will drive me crazy

5- Mr.Money Bags
No I dont care about the balance in your checking account but I do care that you know what it is. Pay your bills, save for something. Have a job and a future.

6- Make me laugh until I pee
Watch a cheesy movie....make fun of my ugly socks and laugh when anyone farts.

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