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Im going to bake some bread in my vagina

This guy has been bugging me forever. Actually upon reflection I did have dinner with him at one point a long long time ago before he turned into a total ass. So Ava why don’t you just ignore him? Well as a duty to my 2 loyal readers I just cant pass up this kind of content.


Ava: hi annoying internet friend

Tiger: cum over so i wont anoy u anymore

Ava:: ahh yes i would want nothing more to come over and fuck your brains out but I have to wash my hair

Tiger: nice

Tiger: wat if i cum over and run my tongue in u

Ava: you wouldnt want to do that my vagina bites

Ava: it has teeth, fangs even

Tiger: ill just bite it back

Ava: oh that would just make it mad then the tentacles would come out and strangle you

Tiger: mmm

Tiger: sounds fun

Ava: well then it starts spitting and it doesnt spit fun things

Ava: think rancid cottage cheese

Note to self: Biting strangling vaginas don’t deter icky men. But a good old fashion yeast infection would do the job.

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