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Where is My Snowblower? March 19, 2006 |

So I understand that I live in Minnesota and I understand that March in Minnesota is hardly spring however I refuse to lay down and not bitch about the 1.5ft of snow that we have received over the last week. Now maybe I wouldn't mind the snow if I was one of those "outdoorsy" types but I prefer snow-cones to snow-shoeing.

First of all the snow puts a major kink in my plans. If did not already know I have a very long driveway…and I am a very lazy person and I do not own a snowblower. Now I can get over the snowblower thing on most days but when I am shoveling right after work the street is be filled with industrial strength snowblowers three people will come out do their drive way and go back into their warm home and eat dinner before I have finished the sidewalk.

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