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Fucking Nazi Bastards August 19, 2000 |

Well it was my last day home in Schaumburg so I wanted to go out. A friend and I had plans to go downtown to partake in the wonderment of sweet home chicago. After we parked I thought I dont want to lug around that stupid gap bag. The back is black, I'll just turn it over its dark no one will see it. Then I thought to myself Ava this isnt very smart. So like a dumbass did i lug the bag with me, no...I just took the cash out of it. As if a bag that contains no cash would be any less apealing. So we go on our marry way.
We had a decent enough time but any joyfulness of the moment was destroyed when I came up to my door and found that the window had been smashed in. The only things stolen out of the car, my bag and the toll change. Well MR.ROBBER MAN if your reading this which you mine as well because you know everything else about my life, I hate you. Im freaking glad that i took my cash with me. Hahaha you only have about $15 bucks. Thats all that may matter to you, but let me tell you why im really pissed and it has nothing to do with money.
This is what the @ss hole got:
*Two hair brushes $8.00
*Good camera $189.00
*Disposable camera $6.00
*Makeup bag and componts $250
*Cellular Phone $100
*Nine West Sunglasses that I just purchased today and was so proud because they retailed at $40 but i only paid $9.97 for them...you know what Im going to price them at $40.00
*Actual Gap bag $20
*Leather journal $20
*Jelly Roll Pens $5
*Cash $15
*Keys...to replace my car key it will cost me $60,
*Key Chains, Zoey key chain, and Cobie's sandal strap are irreplaceable so Im just going to price them low at 1,000,000
*Drivers licence with a good pricture....damn I better hunt you down thats a once in a life time deal.

So lets add it up mother f*cker that will be 1,000,713 dollars. You can just send me a check you know my adress its on my drivers licence.

Okay truth be known I'm not all that upset about the whole money thing, in fact i wouldnt care but there is some stuff I would like back. My Journal would be really nice for starters the whole ironic thing is I never cary my journal, I just stuck it in there because I was packing and it was left over and I thought i might want to write in it. I have really enjoyed the new habit of keeping a journal its like therapy with yourself. I can tell it how it is, I have notes and feelings in there that i want to keep close to my heart. I'm very upset that its gone. And f*ck face if your sitting around laughing at my little sh*t pile of a life just look around at least I don't go around breaking car windows for a living.
I must admit that the sunglasses were a bit of a sadness for me, I was very excited about them, I think i just might go to nordstrom rack and buy another pair to reward myself for not crying like a baby about this. Ahh well, I have no make-up, I cant afford makeup but its time I tried new colors anyways, I had the best tweezers I never have nor, ever will again have tweezers as nice as those that were in that bag. All i have to say is that I hope the person that stole it has fair skin, looks good in purple eyeshadow, and they better damn have some nice archs on those brows.
Jakes sandal strap. I didnt even think about it untill Jake mentioned it. Ive had it on my key chain practically since we first met. I must admit I'm a bit sentimental about those types of things. I would always hold it because it was so comfortable. Well now I have a few shards of glass to replace it. I dont know how just yet but Im going to make a Key chain with that.
To f*ck face. Well was it worth it? Was my fifteen dollars, camera, phone, and my friends toll change worth it? The things you took from me that matter wernt valuble, would it be too much trouble to ask that you send my purse home, minus the valubles, hell just write yourself a check for the retail value and shipping, I promise not to stop payment on that one. What you did was wrong, and I wish that there was some way of making you pay for it. Lord knows that the cops arnt going to do anything, and in truth what can they do? After all they are only human, out WORKING to suport thier family which is more than you are doing. Well I hope your happy wearing your Nine West sunglasses, and your Clinique makeup, making phone calls to your drug dealears, probly cashing your welfare check...hell i contributed to that too, a kind of legalized steeling. Flippin' democrates. This is why people hate people, this is why people hate the city, this is why people move a tiny suburb in the middle of knowhere; Spring Grove.

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Al Bore August 17, 2000 |

I watched lovely Al Bore's acceptance speech today. I must say that I am excited about all of this political mum-bo-jumbo, as this is my first election in which I am allowed to participate. Now I must say that I am a repulbican. An odd sort of republican though, I am highly pro-choice which sort of goes against the backbone of rebubican ideals but I decare myself as one none the less. So anyways I sat down to watch Mr.Bore's speech and have a ol' good time booing at all his comments. I was sad to find that I agreed with almost everything he said. In fact I liked his speech better than that of my rebublican canidate.
Now its not that I have anything against the democrates of the world in fact most of my friends are democrates, its just that I like to keep my money. I supose I am a product of my fathers political brainwashing leading me to belive that the democratic party is composed of a bunch of pot-smoking-daisy-pushers. Which I guess is true but are they any better than the Repulbican-Party which sees statatory rape as an acceptable weekend activity. Ha, I guess Clinton proved that democrates like a little young flesh as well.
I supose the moral of my story is is that no matter which way you vote does it really matter? I mean the political churning of this nation is really out of our control. Bribes, and apperences guide bills in and out of washington not the people. I will still vote though. I like to have my say weather or not it truely makes a difference.
But I must say to Al Bore great speech! You wern't stiff, and i liked what you said. In fact I might even consider voting for you. Illinois is a key-state ya know. Well now I have to think and research to make and educated political decision. Damn what am I going to do with the parade of oragami dollar elephants on top of my tv. I dont know how to fold a donkey.