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No. 146 where are you?

I was bored today so I decided to do some demographic information on the town I live in.

The estimated population of the town where I live is 94,027

Then I found this lovely statistic:

“Male householder,” no wife present 1,218
“Female householder,” no husband present 3,645

The under 25 population is 32652 (that leaves my "adult" population to be 61375)

there are 14,999 people in my age group which is about 24% of my adjusted population (we are just going to assume that householders are over 25 its wrong but work with me here)

male householder w/o wife 1218 * 24% = 292 potential mates

So these 292 potential husbands one you weed out the guys who will never committ to marriage, they guys who want to marry other guys, and the ability to not hang a deer in my garage I figure there are probably about half of you left…146. Now I just have to beat out those 875 women to get to you.

You would have thought in a city that has about 95,000 people I would have a little more chance than 146 guys. Damnit no wonder I’m importing from Wisconsin.


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