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Prissy Ava Dating a Bad Boy?

Well I had fun on Friday on my date with Red. He was very flattering which I enjoy. I think he was trying to kiss me. I met him in Lacrosse at the movies. He’s pretty cute. red hair, freckles, really nice nose. Okay so he has bad tattoos but that’s about it all I have to complain about. He’s the same height as me good build…sexy :P He’s funny a bit of a bad boy but I really like him. Yes he still has a trailer. What happened to my gold digging ways I guess I’m just a sucker for a guy that sees me as a princess.

Also for my normal reject criteria of country boy he is surprisingly artistic and loves anything having to do with culture. I wouldn’t have to drag this guy to the opera. He’s really into photography and likes my critiques. I’m a little bit in like at this point.

So yeah the fuzz may have forgotten about me but I think red has pretty much blown him out of the water. I can honestly say I’m shocked.

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