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Out on the Town

I park my car and head to the bar.

Skeezy Guy: Hi beautiful

Ava: Hi (curt avoiding eye contact)

Skeezy Guy: If I give you 5 bucks will you give me a ride

Ava: Not bloody likely (exit to bar)

Skeezy Guy: Fuck you Bitch!

So I’m within the refuge of the bar. I’ve been sitting at the bar for about 30 minutes. There are about 9 guys and me. Two tall skinny bleached women walk in they are missing the second half of their skirts. Guys at Bar: Finally we have some ladies here tonight. (One waves them over) Oh this is so and so and so and so….chat chat chat…let me buy you girls some drinks.

Ava: Bartender I need another drink.

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  • Blogger Wobbly*Bits says so:
    10:28 AM  

    Yep...sounds about right. Get me a double, k? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:18 PM  

    I love how you have to show your nibblets to be considered a lady...damn teeny bopper nation- I hope they all get the gout. Or "gentleman" yonder could he, did he mean laid-ye - you know old english stylings? Doubt it - did you sense a hint of Brut in the air? Bygones, I'm rambling again...Ava you're one classy bitch - screw trying to be a lady by this buckethead's definition anyways.
    -RoRoRory top