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Wimpy Ava

Through keen calendar calculations I figured the fuzz was done with his 12hr days so he had today off. I came home and anxiously checked my email…no email. So I sent him a casual text “What’s Up?” About two minutes later I got a phone call. We chatted a bit I casually mentioned I was hungry; he mentioned he was going out with friends but we kept talking for a bit.

Well the whole purpose of my phone call is I wanted to make plans with him for tomorrow night. I don’t have to work on Friday so a date would be a perfect way to spend my Thursday night. Did I mention it? Nope.

So what do I do? Every time I text him he calls so I don’t think he’s avoiding me. Maybe I should just wait and see if he calls me tomorrow. But I guess I’m not into that rules thing. Perhaps I can just send him a text asking if he would like to get together tomorrow. Its wimpy I know I could just call he will be up.....nah I can deal with date rejection via txt.

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