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Ava the Mean Jerk


I hate it when people buzz this guy isn’t even on my list why the hell is he buzzing me that’s so rude…oh well Im bored.

Me: hi

Tiger: who is that pic

Me: me

I had recently posted a new pic for my IM window. Its from a party at my friends house I was drunk and in my pjs no makeup no hair done. My eyes are closed and it’s a close up of me laughing. Its not get the guy pic but it is cute in its own way.

Tiger: thats a bad pic of u


Me: why thank you

Me i was going to send it off the a modeling agency but now i know better

Tiger: u need 2 let me takje some picsd of u

Me: why?

Tiger: cuz yur good looking but u need someone 2 take pics of u, with my new camera

Oh yeah tell me look bad in my pic then take me under your trained camera eye to make me beautiful once again

Me: i dont think thats a very likely to occur

Tiger: y

Me: i dont really have photoshoot sessions in general let alone with a stranger

Or with people who can not be bothered to type out entire words

Tiger: u know wat

Tiger: just 4get yur a mean jerk

Tiger: been tryin 2 talk 2 u for too long top take this from u

“Tiger” is not even on my messenger list and quite frankly I don’t ever remember talking to him before although from the looks of this conversation I can see why I didn’t waste my precious long term memory space on him.

Tiger: yur a jerk

Me: gosh too bad im so ugly all i have is my jerky personality to fall back on

Tiger: u wouldnt know if a guy was being nice 2 u if he fell from the sky

Tiger: i been tryin 2 b nice and all u do is fight me off

Tiger: so fuck it i giv up

Oh dear he is so right. How could I let this gem of a guy go? What is wrong with me? Maybe next time someone insults me and calls me a jerk there is no way I’ll let him slip through my fingers. Life is full of valuable lessons thank goodness there are people like tiger to help me learn them albeit the hard way. Now I must go cry myself to sleep.

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