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Vacation Recap

Okay super vacation recap because I’m sick of talking about what I do retrospectively. So here are the highlights.

There is lots of “nature” in Colorado and its rains a lot. I saw a hare, about a billion chipmunks, elk, a mountain goat or ram thing, huge flies, many worms and spiders.

My body doesn’t respond to clean mountain air. High elevations have less oxygen big hills make you need more oxygen…I don’t like to pant.

A Buick rendezvous should not attempt a road that says 4-wheel drive high clearance required. Note: High clearance does not mean your roof isn’t going to get scraped off by a parking garage…its means if you attempt this type a road with a mini van you are liable to end up with a puncture in your gas tank or get laughed at by people in a jeep when you turn around.

It is possible to loose over one hundred dollars on penny slots

Don’t piss off the forest rangers by putting your tent in a flood zone and tying things to trees that are prone to beetles

I don’t think an illegal prescription for vicadin is an appropriate payment for babysitting

After two nights sleeping in the rain and being out of breath walking up and down hills vicadin is a perfectly appropriate payment for babysitting.

I like smores


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