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My Run-in With the Law

I shockingly had a good date last night. Okay so maybe eharmony doesn’t completely suck scrotum. I went to mystery beer Monday to meet the cop who lives in town. Fuzz is a bit short for me 5’7 but I’m pretty sure he is true 5’7 so an inch and a half isn’t that big of a deal. We had excellent conversation. He was interesting and funny so rare. He even emailed me first thing this morning saying he had a “blast” hanging out with me and can’t wait to do it again. AND he recapped some of our conversation to let me know he was listening. Very nice.

We talked about the democratic primaries, the oblongs, cities particularly Chicago, traveling, horseback ridding, blackhawks (the helicopter), nerdy people gosh we were there talking straight from 7:30pm to almost midnight. So yeah lots of fun. I told him I was going on vacation but if he wanted to get together on Wednesday before I head out that could work. Hopefully I didn’t sound too eager but then again I’m not too worried about that considering he emailed me less than 8hrs post date departure. Oh and he insisted on paying for dinner which I like don’t worry I did throw in the tip.

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