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Peeping Ava

So ever since the fuzz and I started communicating outside eharmony we have this ongoing joke about each of us being the crazy stalkers that dr.warren warned us about. I thought Id let you in on the joke.

Me: I ended up going to lacrosse on Thursday night nothing going on in Rochester and you weren’t home so I couldn’t spy on you from you bushes (a good thing too my back is starting to get sore from all the ninja-like crouching).

Fuzz: As for the ninja skills, nice work. I had no idea. I do have a chair on my front porch if you would be more comfortable sitting there. You can see most of my apartment through that window. In fact, knock on the window and I'll bring you a beer.

Me: Yeah I have studied the karate kid very closely so I’m not surprised you didn’t notice me. And I couldn’t sit on your porch that would blow my cover. Since you were away though I built a small tree house to spy on you from above and I had a mini-fridge and microwave installed. Don’t mind the extension chord coming out your back door.

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