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Date Night

Well I haven’t heard from Fuzz in over a week now so I’m pretty much assuming things have faded out. Eh he was fun but maybe I’m getting used to this dating thing because I don’t really care.

Anyways so there is this new guy. He lives in a trailer…yes I’m serious. He lives about 3hrs away in this little tiny Wisconsin town. He’s funny sometimes and relatively good looking but I can’t say I really see it working out. However after a long week of badgering I have agreed to meet him in Lacrosse tomorrow for dinner and movie.

He wanted to come to my house and spend the night which I told him was frankly unacceptable. I don’t know am I just being petty. Its really the laborer status and trailer that are bothering me here (well and the distance) but if things were to work out I would be in that money “power” position again. I’ve been there before I didn’t like it.

Oh well the worst I can loose is a tank of gas and an evening. Should I wear a skirt?

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:41 AM  

    Don't dress up for the trailer man - just wear something that your comfortble with wearing and a dress might be over doing it if you are to go to the trailler. haha. Tube top anyone? Ok so you don't need to get out the pimps and hos paraphanaelia (sp) (i don't spell in the mornings) have fun.

    -Rorina top