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It’s a small world wide web

So I was on mybloglog.com and there is this thing that tells you your recent readers. One of which was Ed’s sister. I thought this to be an obseard coincidence until I realized that I breached my own anonymity by having my log-in for mybloglog to not be my alias ava mazur but my screen name I have used since before I had pubic hair. Sigh old habits die hard. Anyways I go back to the post where I talk about Ed’s sister’s blog see I Wont Go Where Im Not Wanted Note the comment from anonymous “Yep, these things can get very ironic” I can only imagine that person’s Identity.

I can not tell you the self restraint it took to stick to my vow of not reading her blog. Just to see if she said anything about me now that she knows I’m not reading anymore. Of course I can imagine I’m a cameo appearance in her world at best so I doubt she would waste the time. What does matter to me though is if Ed reads my blog. The whole point of the fake names was to protect the innocent. Ed has enough problems he doesn’t need to hear about me dating a bunch of guys. In fact he doesn’t need to hear about me at all. I’ve gotten to the point where days go by when I don’t even think about him or how he has affected my state of being or life. I couldn’t imagine that were possible if I had the temptation of knowing what was going on in his day to day life.

I took a gander at my stats today St.Cloud 76 views. Now I don’t know if this is Ed. It’s doubtful I believe he is living in St. Joseph (or whatever it’s called) but who knows they are close cities and sometimes things don’t come up with the real city they are in. But Ed if you are reading this delete the link. I cant stop you from visiting and actually I dont care if you read it. But I know it wouldnt be healthy for me to read your blog so I can only imagine it wouldnt be healthy for you to read mine. I am just going to hope that your sister kept my blog to herself to spare you and I am talking to no one.

It’s funny how you can go back and read your posts in a whole new light. In general I am pleased with my words though. I don’t think I’ve bashed anyone. Mostly I’ve just whined about how unfair life is to me.

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