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I have a cold. I didnt go to work on tuesday...suffered through wednesday but skipped bowling...today I woke up at 5am coughing up things that a bad colors when it comes to body fluids (and I use the term fluid loosly here). Red all of a sudden has decided not to annoyingly call me all the time which is probably the direct result of me having plenty of time to talk. I have a temperature which according to my mother validates sickness and staying home. I called into work without leaving bed and I have not left bed all day except to go to the bathroom and make soup. While laying in bed I listened to two lectures, took a nap, took a quiz, did a case study on synovial fluid infected with varacelia zoster and played two games of monopoly. I won both.

In dating news Red is comming to visit this weekend allthough I think Im goign to talk him out of it since I am covered in infection. Things are going well its been about a month of dating pretty much a record for me. I just wish he liked to sit at home and watch tv more.

Othernews there is a eharmony guy that wants to meet. He's a florist for a living...interesting profession. Lives within a 30minutes distance major bonus. I kinda put him off. Is it wrong to date other people while dating someone? We arent boyfriend/girlfriend but I guess Im just old fashioned.

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