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If you live in a brick house and throw a stone and it doesnt make your roof fall in dont give me stome to throw at my glass celling.

The following conversation took place while discussing my downess post-red breakup

Ava: I dunno its not bugging me that much but whenver something like this happens I get all paranoid Im going to die alone. It lasts for a few days...

Well Intentioned Friend: Really? I dont think you will have that problem. You are thinking into it too much

Ava: Yeah I never throught it would be either until I was in my situation

Well intentioned Friend: And your situation is a good job, a house, nice car and friends.

Yeah okay hes nice and making me feel better. Which actually would be effective if it were from Alice or Cobie. He is the problem well intentioned friend is very much not single. In fact as long as Ive known him (about 7yrs) I have never known him to be single. In fact just the opposite women are always falling all over him.

So in my opinion Mr.Well intentioned needs to shut his trap and let me mope.

On the upside I had a super conversation with the 'rents. They are happy I dont sounds as crazy stressed as I have the last couple weeks. I told them I was thinking about joining eharmony...okay yeah i know i joined like 3mos ago. I basically said it seemed desperate. They were extremely supportive. Encouraging. I think they fear for their future grandchildren.

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