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I was talking to YMCA tonight and he officially asked me on a date. He is double checking his schedule but it looks like Saturday will be the day of reckoning. He volunteered to drive to Rochester...I'm in charge of deciding where to do since he doesn't really know the city that well.

So what should we do? Dinner at Whistle Binkies and then Comedy is always a nice choice. Although I have the feeling it will be a lunch affair (less pressure) in which case I am stumped for afternoon actives ideas. Bowling...ish I do that weekly now. Drinks and darts too slutty, Walk around at quarry hill to much nature and too cold. Help me people I need ideas!

Im stoked this is the first time in a loooong time that I can remember being truly excited and hopeful about meeting someone new. I would have to say July with Jewish lawyer was the last time (side note boy that was an awful bubble burst). Anyways yeah Ill keep you all updated. Oh

PS I quit eharmony...too much money. Besides next semester Im going to be waaay busy. SO if things dont work out with YMCA dont expect any fun dating stories for awhile.

PPS. Notice the picture...they are french horns. French kissing, first dates...its like the french horns are kissing. Arent you glad I bring it full circle for you all?

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