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In search of the holy grail

So about a year ago I subscribed to this podcast called sex is fun. IT IS AWESOME! They talk about pretty much anything related to sex and do so in an informative but casual manner...its like a conversation with friends (cue cheesy music). Anyways every since listening to the show on G-spot orgasms I have been obsessed with having one. I have tried and I have failed.

Today I have succeede...I think. Don't judge me I didn't have to work tomorrow what else was I supposed to do to fill my time. Nothing shot across the room, I did not have to change sheets, I did not levitate from my bed and tangle my hair in the ceiling fan in the throws of passion, and the orgasm by no means lasted for hours.

To explain in detail without being too icky, the orgasm was definitely a bit different. I wouldn't really call it stronger per say..the pulsations were about the same but more releasing and the area of orgasm was bigger (I don't really know how to explain it). I did get a faint need to potty sensation, but it was slight and I did go to the bathroom recently so I doubt there was anything to pee even if I wanted to. So the big question of G-spot ejaculation? Eh maybe. I felt a dribble but not even enough to leave a spot.

So yeah regular me time 2 minutes this endeavor was at least 30. So was it worth it? I'm exhausted and my writs hurts. Ask me again next time I'm sitting around alone and horny with no place to be in the morning.

Oh and here's a link for the Sex is Fun Podcasts...just in case you need a last minute download for the ride to grandma's house..okay maybe the ride home is more appropriate. http://www.greatsexgames.com/podcast/

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