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Head over Feet

Okay I haven't lost my mind completely. I realize that people I talk to on the phone or the Internet can be completely different in real life. However that been said YMCA is proving to be quite pleasing.

He gave me a ring last night when he was done with work. He's so sing-songy when he talks and a pretty good conversationalist even can get a word in edgewise against me. He will do even better when he figures out I don't mind if he interrupts. Anyways after thinking about my previous "6-things" post it was out main topic of conversation. To the how do you feel about the gays question he passed with absolutely brilliant flying colors. Saying no problem whatsoever. He meets all my requirements. Good job, future, morals. Okay so he doesn't out earn me, I guess I haven't asked but I'm assuming. The point is he talks about saving and paying off his grad school loans...now that is hot.

So after a really good talk I ask to him when do I get to meet you in real life? He sounded excited about it. He is out of town until next Wednesday for thanksgiving but we are going to set something up for the week after that. What am I going to wear...I only have 2 weeks to decide.

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